Non-Toxic Solutions for Termite Troubles

Termites have advantages to the biological system’s balance and fertility of the soil, but they may also be dangerous when they invade our homes. The furniture’s strength and durability are compromised because these animals chew wood. Other materials like plaster, metal siding, and more are prone to termite infestations alongside wood structures. They also feed on floors, ceilings, cabinets, and other objects. 

To get rid of these pests, people usually use termite chemical treatments that can be purchased on the market. However, these chemicals are harmful to us because they have a direct effect on our health. What steps can a typical person take to get rid of these pests? To know more about how to control termites, contact a pest exterminator in Denver

pest exterminator in Denver
pest exterminator in Denver

Non-Toxic Ways To Control Termites

Long-term termite relief is ensured by the skilled partners of pest control companies using cutting-edge technology along with superior termite treatment techniques. Hiring qualified professionals is an excellent choice since it is both secure and effective at the same time. Using random chemicals as exterminators does not ensure safety, as they can be harmful to humans. There are, however, a few chemical-free techniques you can use for protecting your house. Among them are:

Having nematodes

These are the creatures that eat termites. Worms have various forms and may offer different benefits. Another benefit to the soil’s fertility is the presence of worms. However, keeping nematodes is a secure and effective methods of preventing termites off your property.


It is one of the best termite treatments that does not contain chemicals and is available on the market with the name Borax powder. Apply a mixture of borax powder and water to the termite colony. The mixture becomes effective after a particular period.  Re-infestation is far less probable if this is accomplished. 


Moisture is one of the primary reasons for termites invading a living or working space. Termites love to live in humid environments with high levels of moisture or water. Sunlight dries up extra water and reduces the soil’s moisture level.


Vinegar is an example of a cleaning agent. The cheapest means of termite control is to use vinegar. They are readily available and the most efficient cleaning products for every house. To treat affected regions, simply mix vinegar and lemon juice and apply the solution to them. Termites can not enter if vinegar is used regularly throughout the area. It requires only a few days of spraying to make sure that the region is termite-free.

Wet cardboard

Feeding termites with their favorite food—wet cardboard—is one of the most successful termite treatments. Place it over the affected furniture and wait for termites to get inside it. To get rid of termites, burn the cardboard that they have invaded.

How to keep termites away in a natural way?

In order to keep termites away forever in the most natural way possible, you employ ways like involving nematodes, oil made out of oranges, keeping your house ventilated, and using boric acid around the house. However, it is advisable to speak to a professional service to find a permanent solution to get rid of termites.